Nov 4, 2022Liked by Doug Ross

In order to reverse or even attempt to reverse the devastation caused by these Democrat socialist programs, policies, plundering of the US economy, one has to be willing to be the “bad guy”, the one who’s going to appear cruel and mean if any semblance of balance is to be produced. That’s just the first step.

The second is that it will take decades to right this ship of state in its current state of ruination, and with the constant change in parties of power, it cannot be accomplished, as that will only create further disruption and destruction. The economy needs assurances, and much like the oil companies today cannot invest in the future, which is their entire business model, because of this constant swing back and forth, how can we ever even get on a path to restoration?

Republicans may sweep into power this cycle but they hardly inspire confidence as willing to be the “bad guy”, who’d be willing to reverse course on decades of Democrat profligacy. They’ve even been party to it in many cases. And there’s no guarantee whatsoever that they’d be in power long enough to see it through, as the people, who may think they want things to get better, will whine and cry when their pet handout gets touched.

Don’t see much hope on the horizon. Sorry.

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History? What's that daddy?

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