So very interesting to see the pencil featured. I started my research/writing career in the 1995 corporate history, The Best of Its Kind, for the Dixon Ticonderoga Company. An American company that originated in 1795, it is now part of an international conglomerate. Even the lowly pencil has become part of the globalist machine.

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This based on a brilliant little book called "I, pencil" by Lawrence Reed. Give credit where it is due.

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A few comments:

- Both the graphite and the rubber have been replaced by artificially created polymers. The manufacturers of the pencil lead are Japanese; it is not clear where the actual leads are made.

- Erasers APPEAR to continue to be made in the USA, although I wouldn't be surprised to see that outsourced.

So-called REAL pencils - those that were made in America, with American wood, have largely been displaced by foreign-made cheap-o ones, mostly from China. The younger people are almost always using the mechanical pencils. Seldom those that need sharpening.

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This is based on "I, pencil" by Lawrence Reed. Please give credit where it is due.

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When you think about it, the basis used to acquire power, wealth and prestige used by the Democrat Party since its inception has always involved the subjugation of people. Up until 1865 slavery was their chief source of this. Once that was ended, they had to set about creating different means to same end, only in a more subtle or shall we say, more stealthy manner, taking the form of active intervention into the every day lives of the people, while the Republican Party took a more “leave it up to the individual” tact, more in keeping with the core tenets of the Constitution.

The Democrat guise of intervening in nearly every facet of citizens lives, was merely a cloak of bringing those people under the power and control of government, wholly dependent upon them for their benevolence and hand outs. Once government creeps in and attaches its tentacles to you and everything in your life you are now no longer an independent individual, but a subject of the power of that government’s whims.

It’s still slavery only in another manifestation.

So, from the beginning, the very ethos of the Democrat Party, it’s engine and it’s energy has been devoted to acquire power through subjugation. Their entire existence and modus operandi is the antithesis to the Constitution, which is why they hate it, ignore it, and want to destroy it. This, why they must be utterly crushed beyond recognition.

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"a market system that brought them together and got them to cooperate to make this pencil, so that you could have it for a few pennies."

If the government had produced the pencil, it would cost at least as much as a hammer... or a toilet seat. Or a space pen with pressurized gel ink that could write upside-down and frozen... while Russian cosmonauts used pencils.

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